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Themis Guide

The FIU's online reporting mechanism is through 'Themis'.

Themis is the single point of contact for regulated entities in relation to:

  • Reporting under the Proceeds of Crime or Terrorism Legislation.
  • Reporting under Section 24 of the FIU Act.
  • Reporting Sanction Breaches

Themis is also the tool the FIU use for communicating advisory notices and other pieces of information.

If you are a Money Laundering Reporting Officer, and don't yet have access to Themis, please contact us for guidance.

If you have a login, you can access Themis from here - Link to Themis

The following guides on Themis are available below - 

  1. Home Tab
  2. Disclosure Report Tab
  3. Creating & Submitting a Disclosure
  4. Remaining Tabs
  5. Responding to Section 18s and Other Notices
  6. Bulk Upload / Disclosure Imports
  7. 2 Factor Authentication