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Subject Access Request Guidance Notes

The Data Subject Access Request (‘DSAR’) Form can be used to request personal data that the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) holds about you.

Your rights:

You have a right of access to your personal data. You are entitled to be supplied with a copy of the information relating to you that is held in different formats. This extends (but is not limited) to: digital/computer records, paper records, emails and recordings.
You are not entitled to copies of documents themselves- you have the right to the information in them that is about you. The Financial Intelligence Unit may supply the information to you in a new document, in summary form.
The Data Protection Act establishes:

• The information that can be released
• The information that may be withheld
• The time scales for complying with a request
• The fees permitted for the provision of the information, and
• The penalties that can be imposed for failure to comply with a request.
There will be no application fee for these requests. However please be aware that an amount may be charged based on reasonable administrative costs where there are repetitive requests, or where a request can be deemed excessive or manifestly unfounded.

How do I make a Data Subject Access Request?

There is no standard format for submitting a data subject access request (DSAR). A DSAR can be made verbally or in writing, including via electronic means.
Although the FIU has created a form to ensure that all necessary information is included to process your request efficiently, there is no obligation to complete the form. It is advised that you provide as much information as possible relating to the request. This should include:
• Your name
• Your address/email address for sending the information to you
• A description of the information you wish to obtain
More information about your rights to information we process, and the process for making a request can be found on the Information Commissioners website – Your rights of Access

Supplementary documents:
Proof of Identity - This may be required for the FIU to be reasonably satisfied that the applicant is who they say they are, this will be clarified by the FIU DPO shortly after making your request.
Letter of authorisation - If making a request on behalf of another individual, you must attach a signed letter of authorisation.


Next Steps:
The FIU is required by GDPR to provide you with the requested information within one month of receipt of the request. A request that is more complex may be delayed by up a maximum of two months. If there is a delay, the reason for the delay must be explained to you within one month of receipt of the request.
The FIU may be exempt from supplying certain information in some contexts, for example, if releasing the information would prejudice our statutory functions. This will be communicated to you.

Your privacy:
The information you provide in your application will be used for processing your subject access request and any associated purpose, for example: communications with the Information Commissioner’s Office.
We will contact you in the event that we require additional documentation, information or clarification.
We will store the request for a maximum of 2 years, unless there are any subsequent appeals or further legal actions. We do maintain a log of all requests and a brief note about the outcome, for monitoring reasons and to assist with any future requests.
Please see our privacy notice for more information.

You can contact the Data Protection Officer via email ( or via post:

Financial Intelligence Unit PO Box 51
Douglas, Isle of Man. IM99 2TD