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Annual Plans & Strategies

Under Section 4 of Schedule 1 of the FIU Act (Part 1 - FIU Proceedings) the FIU must issue a plan setting out how it intends to exercise its functions that year ("the annual plan"). As soon as practicable after the end of the financial year the FIU must issue a report on the exercise of its functions during that year (an "annual report").

Previously issued reports are available to download below in PDF format.

Annual Plan 2023-24

Annual Plan 2022-23

Annual Plan 2021-22

Annual Plan 2020-21

Annual Plan 2019-20

Annual Plan 2018-19

Annual Plan 2017-18

Annual Report 2022-23

Annual Report 2021-22

Annual Report 2020-21

Annual Report 2019-20

Annual Report 2018-19

Annual Report 2017-18

Annual Report 2016-17

Other reports and typologies are available here